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The world's first fully knitted ultra-stretch ski jacket.
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Freedom of movement
Take in the view from the mountaintop. Breathe. Zip up. Feel the difference immediately as Freelite's innovative shape memory opens up your natural flexibility, giving you the space to find that perfect rhythm.
Ultra responsive

An unparalleled level of elasticity reacts with your body's every movement. Freelite's innovative shape memory flexes and rebounds with every action you take.

Innovations ingrained
Picking up pace, Freelite performs at its best. Innovations you can feel instantly for the freest ski of your life.
Engineered for performance.

This is the first time a ski jacket has been fully knitted, representing a major breakthrough for wearing comfort and freedom of movement.

To make the Freelite knit fully weather protected, we paired the fabric with our exclusive KJUS FAST 20 membrane and DWR coating, making the jacket waterproof, yet breathable.

Dynamic materials
Created entirely with a single yarn, the new knit material offers double the stretch of a normal woven fabric, allowing you to cut through turns with precision.
Keeping you cool

The KJUS AC-Vent™ openings in the lower arms supports your body’s natural cooling system, reducing the energy required to maintain the perfect temperature throughout your ski.

Freelite also includes KJUS Fast 20, an ultra-thin, water and windproof material with the ability to stretch over 200%.

Adaptable materials

Keeping you warm even in wet conditions, Polartec Alpha dries considerably faster than the heat insulation fabrics currently available. It also generates warmth without the traditionally bulky weight; transforming the harshest weather conditions into a comfortable, lighter ski.

Active design
The feeling of your first truly free run hits you. Freelite's dynamic design comes into focus, a perfect balance of form, fashion and high performance.
Intelligent design

Our design inspiration: Reptiles transform themselves by forming new skin. This revitalizing approach was our starting point. Innovative warp-knit production techniques allowed us to design in a new way, integrating artwork directly into the fabric.

The KJUS AC-Vent™
Supports your body’s natural cooling system, reducing the energy required to maintain the perfect temperature throughout your ski.
Swiss 3D Design Element
Design detail creating 3D effects on the Freelite.
Chin Guard
Ensuring your skin remains protected from the zip.
Integrated Neckgaiter
Seamless weather protection, fully integrated to seal in warmth while keeping the cold out.
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